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Fruita / Grand Junction / Palisade
Guided Mountain Biking

3 Locations - So Much Riding

Home to some of Colorado’s best guided desert mountain biking, the Grand Valley includes Fruita, Grand Junction, and Palisade. This zone includes some of the most diverse spring and fall guided rides anywhere. If you haven’t ridden here, you should – set aside three to five days on your bike for an unforgettable experience. Consider starting your trip with a Private Bike Lesson so you can enjoy the technical challenges.

Fruita includes the buttery smooth “18 Road” or North Fruita Desert trails. The iconic Zippity Do Dah, or our favorite Joe’s Ridge offer high speed flow, right next to convenient group or family camping – everyone will have a blast here. And the classic Kokapelli zone just keeps getting better and better with new trails and famous views of the red rock cliffs and Colorado River. Beyond just amazing pizza, in Fruita there’s something for everyone!

Fruita, Grand Junction, & Palisade Guided Mountain Biking

We had an amazing time in Fruita. Our lessons were so educational and fun! We’re so glad we booked with Colorado Backcountry. Thank you very much.

Susan, Colorado

Give Yourself Time to Explore Here

Grand Junction‘s Lunch Loops offer the best technical riding in Western Colorado (in our opinion). With world-class trail building and easy access, this zone is our go-to for intermediate and advanced riders who want a challenge. Beginner riders will enjoy the bottom part of this network for several hours of fun. The network is dense with trail options so our guides can tune the day’s rides to match your comfort level, skill, and fitness.

The old Palisade Rim is a staff favorite trail. It’s brutally hard, and exceptionally rewarding for skilled riders. The new Palisade Plunge trail will open in the summer of 2021, initially without commercial access. We hope to start guiding this future epic by late fall 2021, or spring 2022.

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