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Guided Mountain Biking

Iconic Desert Riding

Riders worldwide know Moab as an iconic guided mountain bike destination, and for good reason. You’ll never forget riding through this otherworldly landscape on a developing and constantly improving network of trails.

We love riding Moab in the spring and fall when the temperatures are just right. In the spring, the desert bursts alive with flowers and the warm air feels sooo good after a long winter. In the fall, the season goes on and on, often lasting well into October or even November.

Moab Guided Mountain Biking

Best trip EVAH!!!

Steve, New Hampshire

Build Tech Skills on Sandstone

Your riding skills will improve in Moab, for sure. Follow our guides up and down countless rock steps on Captain Ahab’s, or wind through the wind-open slickrock bowls of the Navaho Rocks area. The sandstone riding surfaces offer endless grip, so you and your bike can ride features you never imagined. If you want to improve your technical skills, you won’t find a better learning environment.

While Moab earned its reputation on technical mountain bike terrain, beginner riders can have a great time on many miles of flowing singletrack and enjoy the worldclass desert scenery.

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